Club Newsletter



Please make sure to post your membership card when using the range.  We’ve had some non-members use the range. Feel free to ask if no card is posted, this will help weed out the offenders.  Thank You


Now that we’re on the web, I can add, change and delete items without having to wait for a bi-monthly newsletter. Also now having your items and or services etc. being viewed by everyone instead of just club members, your odds of selling goes up!  So use this club service, stick to the guide lines and send in your ads!


There are Hunter Education Courses  coming  to the club. They’re open to the public as well as members so sign up as soon as you see them on line. See front page, under “FIND HUNTER ED” . Also use this link to search and register for any hunting course in NY. We can take 50 students for gun and 40 students for archery.  


There are times the range will be closed for various reasons like Hunter Education, Police training ect.  Please refer to this web site for up to date closings. I will post the range closing on the front page of the web site for conveince.  If you come to use the range and it’s closed, don’t blame us,


We are looking for some members that are willing to join an “Archery Committee”. Paul, who runs the shoot has the same four or five people helping each shoot. If we could get ten or so more members to help, we could assign two or three members to a specific date etc. and maybe only help one or two Sundays a year.  There are five shoot a year. You would either set up 3D targets or take them down at the end of the day. if your interested, drop me an e-mail. If you help set up, you shoot for FREE. See the Archery schedule for dates. Thank You!!



Please, use your membership cards when on the rifle/pistol ranges. If you see others there with out a card displayed, PLEASE ASK if they’re a member and to display their card on the board. Please remember, NO SHOTGUNS are to be used on the pistol range!