Range Rules

The Range Rules are in place for your safety and the safety of all others on the premises.

SHOOTING HOURS: 9:00 A.M.- 8:00 P.M. (summer hours) or 9:00 A.M. to 1/2 HOUR BEFORE SUNSET (winter hours)


1. Alcoholic beverages or mind altering substances are NOT permitted on range.

2. The Fayettevile-Manlius Rod & Gun Club is for the exclusive use of it’s members ONLY.

3. Members are allowed to bring a guest to use the facility.  Members are responsible for their guest.  The guest will remain with the host member during their visit.

4. Members are to post their membership cards at the designated locations when using the firing ranges (note: hang car keys at this location so not to forget your card)

5. For your safety, hearing and eye protection should be worn while shooting or near the range, this means hearing protection should be in place after exiting your vehicle before reaching the range if the range is occupied.

6. All firearms are to be considered LOADED at ALL times.

7. All firearms are to be loaded and unloaded on the firing range ONLY, with muzzle pointed down range.

8. No persons are to go beyond the firing line (down range) until ALL shooters have agreed and all firearms have been CLEARED OF CARTRIDGES, ACTIONS OPEN, RENDERED SAFE AND EITHER BENCHED, HOLSTERED, CASED OR RACKED.

9. When members are down range, remaining members at the firing line should step back from the bench and WILL NOT handle any firearms untill everyone is back on the line and the line is safe to fire.

10. New shooters to the line will leave their firearms cased or put into the upright rack while members are DOWN RANGE.

11. Shooting will be confined to the designated shooting ranges only.

12. Rapid fire is prohibited.

13. No center fire rifles or shotguns allowed on the pistol range.

14. The following items are strictly forbidden on the club ranges for use as targets.
a) Rolling or bouncing ground targets.
b) Glass and metal containers.
c) Explosive and fragmentation targets, including farm produce. Only paper, cardboard targets and clay pigeons may be mounted to the backstops. Only commercially made plastic pass-through/self-sealing reactive targets are permitted on both ranges.
All commercially made reactive targets:
a) Must NOT touch the ground
b) Must be attached to a sturdy stand that will not collapse of fall over during use.
c) Must be mounted and set up as close to the berms as possible.
Any other targets will only be used at club sanctioned, board approved events.  The club will publicize the event both in print and via the Web, including date, time, types of firearms and calibers allowed.

15. DO NOT fire at the upright (vertical) back stop posts.

16. Every member, upon viewing a violation of the range safety rules or an occurrence of “unsafe firearm handling” will as soon as practical, bring such violation to the attention of the club President or the Chairman of the Board of directors.

17. Each member is responsible for their safety as well as the safety of other members and guests.

18. Only NEW YORK STATE compliant  firearms and equipment are allowed at the range.